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General Housework is a regular service, usually weekly of fortnightly, to include basic household tasks e.g. dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen & bathroom including washing the floors & wiping down the outside of cupboards.

The recommended charge for this service is presently £12.50 per hour.

Spring cleaning service could include cleaning out cupboards, washing down paintwork, cleaning the inside of windows.

The recommended charge for this service is presently £15.00 per hour.

Comprehensive cleans where more professional attention is required This one off service can be arranged and will be quoted subject to requirements.

Laundry  can be done in your own washing machine and be included as part of the general housework service.

The same helper will assist you each agreed time and day, with the exception of holidays of more than one week, when we provide cover subject to availability.

To request any of these services or for more information please telephone 01932 267128 or e-mail:  info@homesupportelmbridge.co.uk